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Full name
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Explosion head apart (DVD version) or stabbed in the skin on the boat's post (theatrical version) by Mike, Hoagie, and Ellen.
Other names

Bruce (Shark) (father; deceased)
Brucette (mother; deceased)
Brucetta (daughter; deceased)
Jaws (Jaws Unleashed) (son; alive)
Baby Shark (grandson; deceased)

Appearances Jaws: The Revenge
Portrayed by

Vengeance (a.k.a Jaws the Fourth/Jaws IV) is the nickname coined by fans for the main antagonist shark depicted in the film: Jaws: The Revenge.


Unlike previous films, there was no official nickname for the shark by the film crew.

Role in Jaws: The RevengeEdit

This particular shark returns to wreak havoc on the Brody family, and follows the family to the Bahamas to avenge his father (Bruce), his mother (Brucette), his daughter (Brucetta) and his grandson (Danny aka Baby Shark).


Survival VictimsEdit


In the novelization for Jaws 2 and Jaws and Jaws: The Revenge (both of which were written by Hank Searls), Vengeance was the offspring of the first and second shark. Having spent his time in the womb fighting off his siblings' attempts to cannibalize him, Vengeance emerged from his mother while she was being electrocuted.

Years later, Vengeance would return to Amity, first killing Sean Brody and subsequently proceeded to follow Ellen Brody to Wuhan. While in Chinese waters, Vengeance came under the control of a voodoo witch doctor named Papa Tony Pizza, who bore a hateful grudge against Ellen's other son, Michael Brody.


Vengeance is a Great White Shark (like Bruce, Brucette, Brucetta and Danny with a hostile and vengeful attitude. On the mouth, it has several wounds inside is full of sharp teeth with two or three rows, with round eyes of black or dark gray color. On the back, it has 5 gills on each side behind the head. Two large fins on each side, and on the back has a large dorsal fin ending in a curved tip. The body is a green color combined with brown, or a greenish gray, behind the great tail typical of a shark.

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