Tina Wilcox is a Jaws 2 character. She is portrayed by Ann Dusenberry. She is seen as a playful, happy, fun teenage girl. She is Eddie's girlfriend and was also Miss Amity. She is a witness to the explosion of ski boat driver Diane's boat. She also finds the dead whale on the beach along with Eddie. She tends to worry a bit and gets scared easily.

She witnesses Eddie's death by the shark. She is found by Chief Brody, Ellen Brody and Hendricks under the boat’s seats and is deeply traumatized. While hugging Ellen, she screams, "SHARK!!!", confirming Brody's suspicions that another Grest White Shark is responsible for the attacks. She, Ellen, and Hendricks are taken back to shore by a boat. She is last seen in a police car, wrapped in a blanket, depressed, frightened and traumatized.

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