Judith Barsi wore her own real-life swimsuit in the movie.

Thea Brody is the daughter of Michael Brody and Carla Brody, the only grandchild of Ellen and the late Martin Brody, and the niece of the late Sean Brody. She is five years old in Jaws: The Revenge. In the film, she is portrayed by the late Judith Barsi (who also voiced Ducky from The Land Before Time and would later provide the speaking voice of the little orphan girl, Anne-Marie from All Dogs Go to Heaven).

Character Biography[edit | edit source]

More so than to escape the shark, Ellen likely uses the trip to the Bahamas to clear her fears believing the shark cannot possibly follow her to the Caribbean. There, Ellen meets a carefree English airplane pilot named Hoagie (Michael Caine). Michael and his friends Jake (Mario Van Peebles), William and Clarence work as marine biologists. During research, the same shark that had attacked Sean in Amity just weeks before, unexpectedly appears causing havoc and alarm. Michael and Jake decide to keep quiet about the shark’s presence to protect Michael’s credibility and to hide the risk factor due to Ellen’s insistence that Michael get a job on land.

During a second appearance of the same large shark, now clearly bent on revenge, Jake stabs a sonar tracking pole into the shark’s side. Michael is then chased by the shark and narrowly manages to escape. The following day, while while Carla speaks about her city commissioned art work to rapt crowd gathered on the beach, Thea goes out on an inflatable banana boat with her friend, Margaret and her mom, and a native girl. Without warning, the shark again appears attacking the banana boat in plan sight of everyone on the beach. The shark attacks Mrs. Ferguson and traps the banana boat, but two men in a motorboat manage to get the three girls to safety. Although saved, Thea is considered shaken by the attack. Believing the shark has gone too far, Ellen takes Michael and Jake’s boat and goes after it with revenge in mind. Later, after the shark is killed, Thea happily says good-bye to her grandmother as she leaves back for Amity Island.

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