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The size of the sharks from Jaws

Weights are calculated using real world shark weights scaled to the shark lengths. However these are low estimates as the film sharks are considerably more bulky and heavily built than a usual great white shark, in addition the Jaws 2 Novel shark is heavily pregnant at the time, increasing her bulk further

Jaws (Novel) 20-feet-long male, 2.5 tons

Jaws (Film) 25-feet-long male, 4.9 tons

Jaws 2 (Novel) 30-feet-long female, 8.5 tons

Jaws 2 (Film) 25-feet-long female (Practical model is male, but assuming the novel is canon, it's a female), 4.9 tons

Jaws 3D: 35-feet-long female, 13.5 tons

Jaws: The Revenge (Novel) 28-feet-long male, 6.9 tons

Jaws: The Revenge (Film) 25-feet-long male, 4.9 tons