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Shelby Overman when he was alive

Overman's Corpse

Shelby Overman is a character in Jaws 3D. He is the first human victim to be killed by the mother shark.

Jaws 3-D[]

Shelby Overman worked at SeaWorld, along with Michael Brody. He was the mechanic responsible for the underwater lagoon gates. After the shark damages the gate while swimming into the lagoon, he is assigned to fix the problem after hours. As he tries to close the gate, the shark attacks and kills him, leaving behind nothing except his goggles and his now torn off arm. The next day, Charlene reports to Mike that Overman is missing, so he and Kay search for him in the lagoon, but to no avail. Shelby's body eventually surfaces, drifting up against one of the underwater windows in the Undersea Kingdom, frightening some of the tourists. After his body was then pulled out of the lagoon, Mike and Kathryn quickly recognized his body and realize he wasn't killed by their baby shark, but by a much larger shark–its mother.


  • He is the third character in the franchise to have their corpse used as a jumpscare, the first being Ben Gardner in Jaws, followed by Diane in Jaws 2.