Shelby Overman is Brucetta's 1st kill in Jaws 3D.

Jaws 3-D Edit

Shelby Overman worked at Sea World Along with Michael Brody. He was a mechanic by the main gates to the lagoon next to the open. When something went wrong with the gate, he went to check the problem, but couldn't figure it out. He was torn apart by Brucetta in the early part of the movie while he was closing the gate leading to the ocean. When it was sunset, he dived underwater to close the gate, but was having trouble, while trying to close it, he kept a lookout for predators if they were here, but all he saw was a barracuda and some fish.

As he tried to close the gate, Brucetta attacked and ate him. His goggles fell and landed on a plant, his right arm was torn off and floating by the gate. The next day, Charlene came and reported that Overman was missing, so Michael and Kay went to go find him, but didn't. As a reference to Jaws, Shelby's mutilated body appeared in the underwater window in SeaWorld. It popped up in front of one of the windows, as some of the tourist scream. His body was then pulled out of the lagoon, Mike and Kathryn Morgan quickly recognized his body as Shelby Overman, and realized he was killed by a shark.