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Randy is the shark's second victim in Jaws 3.


Jaws 3-D[]

Randy and his partner, Ed, were out late at night, trying to steal coral in the lagoon and sell it to make money. They were on a road that nobody uses and was next to Sea World. They grab their equipment, when going over a fence, he accidentally drop the raft, causing to inflated on its own, they had to drag it all the way to the lagoon. Arriving at the lagoon, they were terrified that there could be snakes, but only saw a soft-shelled turtle and a lobster. Randy and Ed row all the way out to the lagoon in the raft.

There Randy went underwater while Ed waited on the raft. There he managed to steal a sample. However, Brucetta killed him before he could reach the surface. Ed was then pulled in and gotten eaten too along with the raft.