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Character information
Full name
Gender Presumed male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Killed by Bruce
Other names Tippit, Pippin
Occupation Black Labrador Retriever

His owner

Appearances Jaws
Portrayed by A dog
Pippet (sometimes thought to be named Tippit or Pippin) was a dog and one of the victims of the shark in Jaws.

Film Depiction (Jaws) Edit

During Independence day beach celebrations depicted in the film "Jaws", a black Labrador retriever, known locally on Amity as "Pippet", was lost not far from shore while playing fetch with its owner. Though it's unclear whether an undercurrent swept the dog out to sea, it is commonly believed that the same shark which attacked Christine Watkins and Alex "Alexander" Kintner, also attacked "Pippet".