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Peter Benchley (1940-2006) is an American author most well-known as the writer of the novel Jaws. He also wrote the screenplay for the film and also made his acting debut in the film as a reporter.

Fiction bibliography[]

  • Jaws (1974)
  • The Deep (1976)
  • The Island (1979)
  • The Girl of the Sea of Cortez (1982)
  • Q Clearance (1986)
  • Rummies (1989)
  • The Beast (1991)
  • White Shark (1994)


  • In the years following the Jaws' release, Peter Benchley has long since regretted writing the book, as he felt responsible for creating the fear of sharks and putting them on the endangered species list and drove some shark species close to extinction. He spent the remainder of his years trying undo the damage he caused.