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The Orca shark fishing boat, and a chum marker in the foreground.

The infamous shark fishing vessel The Orca was depicted in the film Jaws and again as a sunken wreck in Jaws 2.

Jaws (1975)

Captained by the misanthropic, eccentric war veteran known simply among island locals as Quint, The Orca was sunk off the coast of Amity Island following an extended shark hunt for Bruce.

On its final voyage, The Orca was crewed by Amity’s chief of police, Martin Brody, and a schooled oceanographer from Woods Hole, Matt Hooper. A game fisherman in every sense, Quint was steadfast as the boats' beleaguered captain to the very end, with machete and blood flying in dramatic recoil.

The demise of the The Orca was due in part to structural damage resulting from relentless attacks by a now infamous maniacal rogue shark. Although the boat had been designed to seek out and catch sharks, it was ultimately no match for the overtly cunning, pursuing predator Quint was hired to catch. Attempting to draw the monster in to the shallows, The Orca was eventually overrevved and inadvertently scuttled. After listing to port, Brody was able to fire one final explosive shot from the sinking mast at a compressed air tank in the mouth of the attacking shark, killing it and ending the menace to the beaches of Amity.