In the film Jaws 2, an Orca (killer whale) is seen washed ashore on the beach along the coast of Amity.


In Jaws 2, Tina steals Eddie's sunhat, and he runs along the beach after her only for them to notice a dead Orca (Killer Whale) along the sand, where it lies rotting in the sun. When Chief Martin Brody and marine biologist Dr. Lureen Elkins examine it, the huge bite marks on the dead Orca suggests that it got in a fight. Though Brody immediately attributes the attack to a great white shark, Dr. Elkins is not so certain, stating that the attack could have happened 15 miles out to sea and that none of the wounds were immediately fatal, also that the bites could have been enlarged by scavenging. Despite this, Dr. Elkins states that only another killer whale or a great white shark could have killed the 7.5 meter orca, and only then, a great white of considerable size.