The first and foremost organization dedicated to the legend of the shark fishing boat Orca (boat), as depicted in the film Jaws and Jaws 2.


Operation Orca was formed in late 1996 following the discovery that Orca (boat) had mysteriously been removed from the Universal studios backlot located in Studio City, California. 


Operation Orca continues to keep the legend of the boat alive by providing online forums as well as up to date information and research pertaining to the boat and related ancillary media. 


Since its inception, Operation Orca has built numerous 'one of a kind' scale miniatures of the boat over the years; and in the process has made them available to discerning fans. Collectors of scale boats created by Operation Orca include noted film directors (Jeff Betancourt) , and other film industry professionals.


  • A book chronicling the history, legend and lore of the Orca (boat) is now being produced for future publication.
  • Development and production of related scale miniatures
  • An ongoing project to re-build a full scale Orca (boat).



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