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Mrs. Kintner
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Jaws: The Revenge

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Character information
Full name
Gender Female
Status Alive
Cause of death
Other names

Mr. Kintner (husband)
Alex Kintner (son, deceased)

Allies Martin Brody, Ellen Brody
Portrayed by Lee Fierro

Mrs. Kintner, depicted in the film Jaws by Lee Fierro, is the mother of Alex Kintner, who was the boy that was attacked and killed by the shark off the beaches of Amity, on Martha's Vineyard.


Mrs. Kintner witnesses the brutal death of her son Alex after he was killed by a shark. She later slaps Martin Brody and tells him about the girl (Chrissie Watkins) who got killed, and that he knew about it. She also blamed Brody for allowing people to go swimming when it was dangerous (non knowing that he did wanted to close the beach, but was overruled by mayor Larry Vaughn). She then adds, "Now my son is dead. I just thought you wanted to know."

This is the last appearance of Mrs. Kintner in the film.

Jaws the Revenge[]

Mrs. Kintner in Jaws: The Revenge

Mrs. Kintner is seen with a group of women along with Polly and Mrs. Taft shortly after Sean Brody is killed by another Great White Shark.