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Matt Hooper
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Character information
Full name
Gender Male
Status Alive (Film)
Deceased (Novel)
Cause of death Devoured by Bruce (Novel)
Other names
Occupation Oceanographer
Allies Martin Brody, Quint
Appearances Jaws
Portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss
Matt "Matthew" Hooper is a young oceanographer fascinated by sharks who was hired by Martin Brody; chief of the APD during the infamous "Amity Incident" in 1973.

Hooper crewed the vessel Orca under its captain, Quint as part of a plan to catch or kill the predatory shark that had staked a claim off Amity Island.

Jaws (film)Edit

Hooper is first mentioned after the death of Alex Kintner, during a town meeting on how to deal with the shark that killed him. He arrives not long after not knowing who Brody looks like and vice versa, but they bump into one and other and Brody offhandedly asks him for help in convincing the locals and tourists to not go in a frenzy hunting the shark. They formally introduce themselves to one another right after, with Brody enthusiastically glad he's shown up. Hooper requests to see the remains of Christine Watkins, a victim of a "Probable boating accident". After examining what was left of Chrissie, much to his horror, disgust and anger at the coroner for falsely claiming the cause of death; Hooper deduces that the shark that killed Alexander also killed Christine prior.

Hooper was never seen again in the series, but was mentioned in Jaws 2 on an expedition and thus not able to help Brody out with the second shark problem.

Trivia Edit

  • One of two survivors of the catastrophic boating accident during the 'First Amity Incident' wherein the fishing boat ORCA was reported missing due to a shark attack.
  • Off screen, Hooper went on to be featured on a 1975 cover of National Geographic, and eventually won the America's cup in 1976.
  • Spielberg has said during interviews he considered directing the sequel (JAWS2), however Universal decided not to wait for his schedule to clear. Richard Dreyfuss was then ironically working on Spielberg's Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Had Spielberg directed Jaws 2 it's likely Dreyfuss would have appeared again.
  • In the novel, Hooper is killed by the shark when he is in the shark cage, however in the film, he survives.
  • The relationship between Brody and Hooper in the film is one of genuine respect and amity, with Brody showing even admiration for Hooper's knowledge of aquatic biology, specifically sharks. However, in the novel the relationship between the two is noticeably opposite: Hooper is a returning resident of Amity Island who knew Brody's wife, Helen, in high school and is still attracted to her, to the point of them both having an affair. Their cavorting behind Brody's back creates even greater tension between Hooper and Brody.


  • Jaws
    • Jaws 2 (mentioned) - Although Hooper never appeared in the sequel, there was a reference made during a brief phone conversation between him and Chief Brody.


  • Matt Hooper's nickname is Matt Pooper in the MAD episode, "Jaws the Great and Powerful/Old Spock's Off Their Spockers".
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