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Lucy is a character featured in Jaws 2. She is Patrick's girlfriend and one of the teenagers who venture out to sea with Michael Brody, Andy Nicholas, Brooke Peters, Jackie Peters, Larry Vaughn, Jr., Bob, Doug Fetterman, Paul "Polo" Loman, Timmy, Marge, Sean Brody and his friend, Patrick.

Lucy is played by actress Cynthia Grover.

She was also injured in the pelvis during an attack by the shark while swimming towards Cable Junction, but she survived.


Lucy was dressed in a yellow t-shirt with white features, black cropped shorts and sandals.

Role in Jaws 2[]

Lucy is first seen in the middle of the movie at a bar where she is enjoying a cocktail with Patrick, then the two join the group of other teens.

The next morning, when the teens go sailing, she and Patrick join them (her boat is a blue catamaran like Mike and Larry Jr.'s).

In the first shark attack that turns Doug's boat and Mike's boat upside down, the shark is about to attack Marge's boat. Lucy and Patrick try to help them. But despite this they crash into Brooke and Timmy's boat, throwing Timmy into the water.

Later still, when a helicopter sent by Martin Brody to rescue the teenagers is attacked by the shark, its propeller pieces make holes in the sails of the boats and they fall on the teenagers. While rescuing Sean left on Marge's overturned boat, the teens manage to retrieve him. However, Larry Vaughn Jr. is accidentally thrown into the water. Lucy and Patrick help him out. A little later, Lucy prays for Jesus and Mary to come and save her and her friends.

A little later, near Cable Junction, when one of the capsized boats is suspiciously stuck between the rocks, Jackie Peters has a panic attack. Larry Vaughn Jr. orders him to shut up and all the teenagers argue. Lucy orders everyone in turn to shut up and listen to a strange noise approaching.

Later, the shark attacks one of the boats again, the teens are thrown into the water, except for Sean and Jackie.

Lucy swims straight towards Cable Junction when Patrick yells that the shark is approaching. She narrowly avoids being devoured, but the shark brushes against her and its dermal denticles scrape the side of her torso. Patrick then comes to her aid.

When the shark dies, she is relieved. Sean and Jackie are then picked up by Martin Brody and rowed towards Cable Junction where the rest of the teenagers wait with him for rescuers.


  • At one point in the film, we can see that she is praying for Jesus and Mary, which would imply that she is probably a Christian.
  • According to Wikipedia, it could be that Lucy's last name would be Ventura, but this was never mentioned in the film.


  1. (At the bar): "Very funny, haha! What if we did a picnic?"
  2. (During the first shark attack): "Kevin, do something!"
  3. (When two teenagers accidentally drop Larry Vaughn, Jr. into the water while saving Sean Brody): "Quick, fish it out! Pick it up!"
  4. (After Sean was rescued): "Jesus, Mary, Mother of our Lord, have mercy on us... I beg you... my God, save me!... Save us!....."
  5. (At Cable Junction): "Silence, please! Listen! Listen! You hear?"
  6. (When Brucette attacks her): "Oh, my god! No! No!!!"

Lucy swimming towards Cable Junction and seeing the shark behind her.

The shark charges Lucy (animated)

Cynthia Grover as Lucy in Jaws 2.

The shark attacks Lucy

Lucy's wound

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Patrick and Lucy


Patrick and Lucy drinking a cocktail at the bar.

Lucy unaware that shark is next to her

Brooke helps Lucy and Doug helps Patrick

Lucy in trouble