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Lisa was a senior technician at SeaWorld, working in the underwater control room alongside Calvin Bouchard's nephew, Fred, and another unnamed technician.

Jaws 3-D[]

She first appeared in the control room, monitoring the progress of the minisub that Michael Brody and Kathryn Morgan were using in an attempt to locate Shelby Overman, who had gone missing the previous night. Later, she monitored the park's opening day and informed Calvin that one of the filtration pumps was not operating properly, prompting him to order it shut down and switch over to another one. This, unfortunately, unleashed a massive, 35-foot-long, female Great White Shark that had been hiding inside the pipe and into the park, causing mass chaos. After disrupting several festivities and causing numerous injuries, the shark caused a leak in the underwater tunnels, prompting Lisa to seal the section off lest they lose the whole complex. This action unfortunately trapped several people in a section that was partially flooded and losing oxygen.

She witnessed the trapping of the shark in the filtration pipe and was ordered to shut it down in order to attempt to suffocate it. This backfired when the shark escaped and menaced Mike and Kay just as they had finished repairing the tunnels, though they escaped with the help of the dolphins Cindy and Sandy and made it back to the control room. With the pressure restored, the tunnels were drained and the people escaped. Lisa was in the control room with Calvin, Mike, Kay and Fred when she looked up and saw the shark heading right towards the observation window. Horrorstruck, she was left with no other option than to scream in utter terror with everyone else as the shark struck the window head-on, breaking it. Water exploded into the control room, knocking Lisa into a piece of machinery and rendering her unconscious.

As her unconscious body sank to the floor, Calvin swam over and picked her up as he swam through the door to escape, though Fred was caught by the shark and devoured. Mike and Kay spotted the corpse of Phillip FitzRoyce in the shark's mouth, still holding a grenade, and helped trigger it, blowing the shark to bloody bits. Calvin and Lisa both survived.