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Jeannot Szwarc is a French-American director of both film and television.

Early Life[]

Jeannot was born on November, 21, 1939 in Paris France. He and his family then moved to Argentina where he was raised. he is currently 82 years old.


  • Jaws 2 (Director)
  • The Making of 'Jaws 2' (Himself)


  • His other roles include being a producer, associate producer and writer.
  • Alternate Name is Jean Szwarc
  • His star sign is Scorpio
  • Has been interview three times in his career (1981, 1985 and 1986). He has been interview by Starlog (USA). the first two interviews happened in January while the third happened in February.
  • During pre-production for Jaws 2, production designer Joe Alves recommended him for the director's position because of the collaborative work they both did together on Rod Serling's 1969 TV Series 'Night Gallery'.
  • He has worked on TV Shows such as Bones, Castle, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Private Practice, Fringe, Smallville, Cold Case, Heroes, JAG , Without a Trace, The Practice , Ally Mcbeal, Kojak, Night Gallery, Ironside and many more; He mostly directed.
  • Appeared in many documentaries
  • He is also a graduate of Harvard University