Jaws 3 ppl 0 span

Jaws 3, People 0 was the original script that was pitched by David Brown and Richard Zanuck that was meant as the third Jaws film, however instead of a horror thriller like the first two Jaws films, it would instead become a spoof film. Matty Simmons, fresh off the success of National Lampoon's Animal House, was brought in as producer, with Brown and Zanuck taking on executive producer roles. Simmons outlined a story and commissioned National Lampoon writers John Hughes and Todd Carroll for a script. Joe Dante was briefly pursued as a director. The project was shut down due to conflicts with Universal Studios.

The premise of the film was about a film crew trying to make a Jaws sequel (the premise of this film is that the shark is an alien) while being hunted by a Great White. The movie opens with Jaws novelist Peter Benchley being eaten by a shark in his swimming pool, and there's also a part written for Steven Spielberg, director of the first Jaws film. The movie also would have featured a recreation of the bonfire beach party and first shark attack, except that in the script the teens are replaced with Hollywood executives partying. There’s also a sequence where a shark is killed and gutted and a litany of items is pulled out of its stomach, including a violin, a coat and some weed. It also wold have featured a tough as nails marine specialist named Pierre Cockatoo, a mix between Jacques Cousteau and Quint.

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