JAWS 2 Novel

Jaws 2 is a novel adaptation based on the original Jaws 2 screenplay written by Dorothy Tristan and Howard Sackler. It was written by Hank Searls and was published on April 19, 1978.

Differences with the filmEdit

The novel includes several differences as well as including several new subplots not included in the film. The new subplots include Chief Brody's interference with the construction of a new casino being built in Amity and the involvement of a member of the mafia who holidays on the island and has an interest in the casino, and will do anything to get Brody's way. Another subplot follows the shark's point of view and revealed that it is in fact female and the mate of the first shark, giving a more sympathetic view on the shark in its struggle a pregnant mother trying to find enough food and a safe place to give birth to her child.