The Jaws soundtrack is a commercial release of the musical score from Jaws composed by John Williams.

Original Release

  1. Main Title (Theme From 'Jaws')
  2. Chrissie's Death
  3. Promenade (Tourists On The Menu)
  4. Out To Sea
  5. The Indianapolis Story
  6. Sea Attack Number One
  7. One Barrel Chase
  8. Preparing The Cage
  9. Night Search
  10. The Underwater Siege
  11. Hand To Hand Combat
  12. End Title (Theme From 'Jaws')

Collectors Edition

  1. Main Title and First Victim
  2. The Empty Raft
  3. The Pier Incident
  4. The Shark Cage Fugue
  5. Shark Attack
  6. Ben Gardner's Boat
  7. Montage
  8. Father and Son
  9. Into the Estuary
  10. Out to Sea
  11. Man Against Beast
  12. Quint's Tale
  13. Brody Panics
  14. Barrel Off Starboard
  15. The Great Shark Chase
  16. Three Barrels Under
  17. Between Attacks
  18. The Shark Approaches
  19. Blown to Bits
  20. "Jaws" End Titles
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