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Jaws as he appears in Jaws Unleashed

Jaws is a large, man-eating, killer Great White Shark and the fifth one to terrorize the people of Amity Island. He is the titular protagonist and only playable character of the game Jaws Unleashed.


The shark appears offshore in an area known as Red Reef Valley and attacks several people, straight away sinking their boats and killing them. He tears open a shark cage, kills the Environplus CEO's son, and rams several boats. Soon, the shark attacks a coastline on Amity Island, killing more victims. He then tears apart the docks before he is captured by Michael Brody and his crew.

The shark is placed in the Amity Island Sea World in a quarantine pen, soon to be used as a live attraction. Mayor Vaughn insists on releasing the shark into the attraction area, but Brody disagrees, as he wants to study it first. The Environplus CEO, Steven Shaw, wants the shark killed, for it killed his son. However, Mayor Vaughn disagrees.

Due to the shark's unusually high intelligence, he figures out how to escape the pen: he pulls in a scientist and places his body next to a scanning machine. The machine scans him, opening the doors and releasing the shark into Amity Island Sea World. Right away, the shark kills several security guards and breaks into an underwater observation hallway, drowning and eating several visitors.

The shark destroys more of the underwater observation's hallways, which releases a wave into a massive fish tank. Again, he destroys docks and kills many visitors and security guards. The shark escapes the tank by destroying another underwater observation hallway, once again, allowing the water to flow inside.

The shark exits the small hallways into the main area of Amity Island Sea World. There, he kills many Dolphins and Seals and fights a single Orca. The dolphin puts up a good fight, but the shark manages to tear the Orca apart and escape the Amity Island Sea World, free to roam the open oceans once again.

Because of Shaw's underwater seaseekers, the shark becomes attracted to human settlements on the coastlines of Amity. Despite Michael's warning of the shark's increasing violence, Major Vaughn decides to keep the seaseekers.

During midnight, after breaching shark nets and ramming a couple of boats with armed men on them, the shark attacks another coastline, killing a number swimmers. Two men drive a truck, reach the Coastline Refinery, and starting throwing explosive barrels and shoot the barrels, which create explosions. The two use this as a tactic to kill the shark.

But the shark, using its heightened reflexes and intelligence, grabs the barrels, before the men can shoot it, and throws the explosive barrels at parts of the Refinery. After a short but intense fight, the shark manages to throw enough barrels and destroy the Refinery. After the attack is finished, the shark swims away as the Refinery is burned in the distance.

The next night, the shark proceeds towards a Cargo Sea Port, evading participants of the Amity Shark Tournament, but is eventually sighted. A massive stampede to kill the shark begins in front of the Cargo Sea Port. But the shark is able to demolish everything in its way; small or large. 

After successfully entering the Cargo Sea Port, the shark finds dozens of explosive barrels in the water and throws them all across the port, eventually hitting containers of explosives. The mixed explosion blows the Cargo Sea Port apart, killing anyone nearby, aside from the shark, who escapes. 

In the morning, the bay was in a big setup with 2 Warships and the oil rigs have weapons on them so it can kill the target. The shark heads towards a bay. Before the shark reaches the bay, it wrecks havoc by killing armed scuba divers and obliterating three oil rigs. 

In order to destroy the bay, the shark needs to destroy the power, which was being generated by a massive fan. Evading the spinning blades, the shark destroys two massive pipes, which deactivates the fan, allowing the destruction of the bay.

During the explosion, the shark managed to escape the area. However, a tracker boat, piloted by Brody, approaches. The tracker boat releases explosive canisters, which explode on impact, at the shark, but the beast dodges them. Eventually, the shark finds a way to destroy the tracker boat; it grabs the explosive canisters and throws them back at the boat, which blows it up. Michael is rescued by an Environplus helicopter, who Cruz Raddock, a well-known shark hunter, is riding on. Saving Michael's life, Cruz tells Michael he's here to kill the shark. After the destruction, the shark swam away. 

Swimming in the ocean, the shark is quickly surrounded by armed boats. After destroying a number of them, wave after wave of reinforcements approach. After a very intense slaughter of the reinforcements, Cruz in his boat and his crew swoops down and attacks the shark. After a short struggle, the shark manages to destroy the boat then the shark eats one of the members in his boat. Cruz manages to escape by jumping in a speeding boat while the sharks chases them, but a big warship came in and starts attacking the shark. The warship is destroyed using barrels it dropped and leaves the battleground.

An individual carrying explosives was releasing the canisters into the ocean in hopes of killing the shark. However, an incident involving two canisters caused an explosion. Scuba divers beneath the ocean are forced to retreat due to the canisters exploding. They find themselves in an area filled with Naval Contact Mines, with the shark chasing them. They separate in the mine field to escape the shark, but the beast had caught their scent. Avoiding the mines, the shark manages to kill the scuba divers one at a time. 

During an interview with the mayor, the major confirmed the rumors that the beaches will stay open for Amity Island's Independence Day.

In the middle of the ocean, Environplus is working on a mineshaft in the deep, but the shark decided to pillage the Amity mineshaft by destroying its control rooms, upon entering inside the building. The shark itself is swimming slowly straightly until a giant colossal squid then starts battling it. After the battle, the shark gets out of the building, killing the giant squid inside, and enters the Facility, the shark then encounters Shaw, but then swallows him alive before the entire facility is caught in an explosion.

Brody and Cruz meet in Mayor Vaughn's office. Mayor Vaughn believes the shark to be dead, but Brody and Cruz think otherwise, given the shark's attributes.

An Environplus helicopter flies over the beach then stops between 3 firework cargos. The shark yet again wreck havoc on the beaches, entering the docks. Mayor Vaughn encounters the shark for the first time. The shark then pulls their yacht in one of the firework cargo then causing it in a chain reaction which explodes, killing Vaughn. Brody and Cruz are planning on to kill the shark after that.

Somewhere in the sunset, two helicopters, a huge warship and Cruz who was in the Orca II sets to kill the shark. Cruz fires a tracing dart that explodes the shark when the boat or the shark gets far away to each other. Several submarines are in the water to attack the shark. After the intense battle, Cruz is killed when his boat is destroyed. Brody looks down at the wreckage of Cruz's boat, The Orca II. To make sure the shark is dead, he drops a bomb over the devastation zone. As Brody, aboard the Coast Guard helicopter, flies off into the sunset, the shark reveals himself to be alive when his single dorsal fin rises above the water line and begins to follow the helicopter as the game ends, swimming off into the sunset. The shark is now free to wreak havoc around the whole island.

His mission complete, Jaws is the only shark to survive in the series. This shark is Brucetta's mate. He is one of two sharks to survive. The other is Vengeance's mate, not being seen in the series.

Notable Victims[]

  • Steven Shaw's son
  • An Orca
  • Hundreds of Swimmers/Scuba Divers
  • Steven Shaw
  • Mayor Vaughn
  • Colossal Squid Boss
  • Cruz Raddock
  • Other Sea Creatures (if the player / shark eats them)


  • Jaws is scaled to approximately 35 feet long, the same length as Brucetta, for the game.
  • He is the only shark to survive in the Jaws series.
  • Jaws himself has the highest kill count in the franchise, especially if you count the other victims, like the sea creatures.
  • This is the second great white shark to notably kill an Orca in the franchise. The first GWS being Brucette in the second film.