Fred is Calvin Bouchard's nephew in Jaws 3-D. He is the shark's fifth victim. He was a control room operator.

Jaws 3-D Edit

Fred was control room operator working in Sea World, throughout most of the film, he spends most of his time in the control room in the lagoon along with Lisa. He first appeared when Michael Brody and Kathryn Morgan were searching for Shelby Overman, who was AWOL. The next day while celebrating the opening of the Undersea Kingdom, he and Lisa noticed something wrong with the Flither and called Bouchard and told him about the problem, he order them to them down. Unbeknown to them, Brucetta,a 35 foot Great White was resting in there and swam out in the lagoon. Bouchard called him and Lisa and told them to seal the park after learning there's a shark in the lagoon.

Boulchard arrived in the control and gave some friendly announcemnts to the visitors in the underwater King-dom to followed their guides to the exits, of course he burst into rage and gave them orders like get some lights o and medical attention. After Mike and Kay escape from Brucetta, he then help them out of the hatch. When Brucetta approach the control room and burst through the window causing it flood. Brucetta grab him by his leg, pulled him and then ate him.

Fred's death

Fred is torn apart by the shark.