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The Filtration Pipe

Brucetta hiding in the pipe

Brucetta's Hide

Brucetta swimming out of the pipe

The Filtration Pipe is a machine used by Sea World in Jaws 3-D. This is where Brucetta had been hiding for the first half of the movie. She is later flushed out of the pipe when it’s shut down and wrecks havoc on the park. Fritz Royce lured her back into the pipe in an effort to trap her, only to wind up getting eaten and Brucetta breaking out.

Jaw 3-D[]

The pipe first appeared when Micheal and Kate were searching for Shelby Overman in the lagoon. It later appeared in the middle of the movie where Fred notices something is wrong with the pipe. He calls Calvin about it and is ordered to shut down the #2 pipe and switch to the #1 pipe. This causes the pipe to flush the shark out of it. Calvin decides to lure the shark back into the pipe in order to suffocate it, but is causes the shark to break out.


  • According to what was said by some of the characters in the film, the pipe filters over a million gallons of water into the park every hour.