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Environmental plus Divers are enemy humans that appear numerous time throughout the game.


They possess harpoon guns alongside Knives to combat against marine threats.

When coming face to face they will fire their harpoons at the player and swim towards them to deal damage with their gun. They will however swim back in a frantic attempt to flee whilst also still shooting their harpoon guns.

When in the mouth of the player the divers will pull out his knife and attempt to stab the player thus dealing damage.

Occassionally they will pilot sub fighters that fire tough damage dealing torpedo's. Upon destroying them the diver's within will spawn outside the sub and franticlly swim away before making their stand to fight. They also ocassionally use booster's for faster swimming movement as seen in mission's 8 and 9.

When their oxygen tank is ripped out the divers will at chance swim to the surface for air. This however won't stop their health from depleting as they will eventually die without their tanks.


Mission 1[]

The player can meet and kill a diver in a cage during the tutorial. Several passive divers will also appear later for optional kills as they swim to nearby land before despawning. Later. Shaw's son would appear in a shark cage to attack the player. He is then killed by the player.

Mission 2[]

Several divers appear in this mission. 2 can be seen in containment cages for optional kills whilst several more participate in a battle against the player over the tunnels.

Mission 3[]

After killing some beach goers. The player is tasked to take down the nearby plant. Near that area a Diver sub is encountered and destroyed.

Mission 5[]

Several diver's would be deployed to defend the towers from the player. Some of whom appear in cages.

Mission 6[]

After taking down a large majority of the fleet. An Environplus ship appears to confront the player. Several subs will be deployed to combat the player as well.

Mission 7[]

Several divers are sent to deal with some illegal explosives from an old geezer. They are unfortunately unable to accomplish their task with one of them getting injured as a result. The group would then try to flee from the player by hiding in a minefield surrounded shipwreck. They all die in the end as a result.

Missions 8 and 9[]

Lots of divers are encountered in this mission. Some in Subs whilst a majority are using boosters and being normal divers. In the end Shaw and several divers make a stand against the player during the labs last moments. They fail unfortunately.

Mission 11[]

Several subs and divers appear to combat against the shark but are killed as a result.


The Deep[]

Several divers are exploring the dark depths before encountering the player who is tasked to take them all down before they could reach the surface.

That Cage Mission[]

Diver cages are deployed. A timer is set and the task is given to the player to slay the divers before it runs out.

In free Roam[]

Divers don't appear naturally with the exception of the first level via the passive divers. They will however be dropped from choppers when An Environplus battle ship appears to combat the player.


  • Despite some scenes showing white characters. All divers in game are all apparently black.
  • Divers are the only humans ingame to not be able to surface on land. For once they are dragged to land they explode into guts as a result. However, their is a glitch in Mission 2 where bopping divers onto the lab floor will cause them to not explode but stay their in idle animation where they still shoot.
  • A glitch in Mission 2 is that when the player charges in the air and lands in the containment cage the divers will temporarily not react to them but simply swim around normally. They will, however, be programmed to react after some time.


Diver in Mouth

Shaw's "Son" in the shark cage.

The end of Shaw's Son. His actual model. I think...

The last moments of Shaw's "Son".