Diane looking for Terry

The Shark charges Diane's boat

Brody´s gruesome discovery of her burnt corpse

Diane is a character seen in Jaws 2. She was played by Jean Coulter. She is killed when her boat explodes in an attempt to kill the shark.  

Jaws 2[edit | edit source]

Diane is a water-skiing driver. After her friend Terry is devoured while water-skiing, she attempts to search for her but the shark hits the transom and knocks her to the deck. After screaming and stumbling, Diane attempts to kill the shark by throwing a gas tank at the shark, inadvertently dousing both her and the shark with gas. She then shoots the gas-drenched shark with a flare gun. In the ensuing panic, Diane and the shark are engulfed in flames and, though the shark manages to escape, the boat explodes.

Later, as Chief Martin Brody patrols the beaches, he notices charred remains of her boat floating near the shore. As he wades into the water to bring it in, he shockingly discovers her burnt corpse.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is implied that she may be Terry's mother; the Wikipedia page lists this.
  • She is the second character in the franchise to have their corpse used as a jumpscare, after Ben Gardner in Jaws, and before Shelby Overman in Jaws 3-D.
  • Her death won the Golden Chainsaw award on Dead Meat's channel.
  • As she died, she severely disfigured Brucette in the explosion.
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