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Hendricks in Jaws

Deputy Leonard Hendricks is a character who appears in Jaws and Jaws 2. He is a colleague of Martin Brody at the Amity Police. He was portrayed by Jeffery Kramer in Jaws and Jaws 2.



The following morning, Hendricks finds the remains of Chrissie Watkins. Later that day, Hendricks informed Brody about a group of swimmers practicing for their merit badges, Brody then forces Hendricks out of the Jeep and orders him to create "Beach Closed" signs. He's later seen patrolling the coastline along with Matt Hooper and other Police officials.

Jaws 2[]

Hendricks in Jaws 2

In the beginning of the movie, Brody is late for the grand opening of a hotel resort, because Hendricks had the keys to the Jeep, and that Brody couldn't find the spare keys. The following day, Hendricks is told to tow the missing scuba divers' boat back to port. A short time later, after Terry and Diane are killed, Brody orders Hendricks to keep searching for debris, but find a large underwater cable that connects to Cable Junction. Fearing a power outage, they are forced to drop the cable. The following day, an Orca (Killer whale) js found dead, and Hendricks assists in measuring the carcass of the dead whale, at the same time Brody orders Hendricks to control the crowd. That evening, Brody tells Hendricks to get the photos developed from the divers' camera. The following day after Brody was fired, Hendricks comes over and Brody gives him his badge, but Hendricks said that he didn't want his job. The next morning, a group of scuba divers went diving for lobsters, only for one of the divers to panic after encountering a shark, Hendricks, Brody and Ellen Brody take the police boat in order to get the day sailors back to port, along the way, Eddie Marchand is killed by the shark. When the boat is found, Ellen tries to comfort Tina Wilcox, only for her to scream, "Shark!", confirming Brody's suspicions of another Great White Shark terrorizing the island.