David Elliott
Occupation: Actor
From: New York City, New York
Born: July 8, 1959
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Status: Alive
Appearance: Jaws 2
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David Elliott (born July 8, 1959) is an actor, stuntman, and construction coordinator, but he's best known for playing Larry Vaughn, Jr., in the film Jaws 2.


David was born on the 8th of July 1959, in New York City, in the state of New York.

David appeared in many tv-shows and films. He also was a stunt player in King of the Hill and a construction coordinator in 35 films.

David Elliot wrote a novel, The Star Shield, about one of Hollywood's top body guards attempting to rescue a kidnapped movie star.

David is still married to Cynthia Martinez since June 22, 1997.

Role in Jaws 2Edit

Cast as Mayor Larry Vaughn's junior son, Elliot, at age 19, played the stubborn character when they went out to sea... and where they were constantly attacked by Slaughter, a shark with an area of it's head burnt to a crisp.

All of the actors made it back to shore all right at the end of the filming.