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Martin Brody
Background information
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Character information
Full name
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Heart attack caused by Vengeance
Other names
Occupation Police sheriff

Ellen Brody (wife)
Sean Brody (son, deceased)
Michael Brody (son)
Carla Brody (daughter in-law)
Thea Brody (granddaughter)

Appearances Jaws
Jaws 2
Jaws 3-D (mentioned)
Jaws: The Revenge (flashback)
Portrayed by Roy Scheider

Martin Brody is a fictional character and the protagonist of the film Jaws and its sequel, Jaws 2. He was the Chief of Police on Amity Island, New England, and the husband of Ellen Brody, as well as the father of Michael and Sean Brody.

While in New York, they began raising a family. They had two sons, Michael and Sean.

Biography (Film)[]

While his past history has not been fully revealed, it is noted that Martin had experienced a near drowning incident at some point of his childhood, leading to his fear of the water. Before moving into Amity, he lived in New York City with Ellen.

The Amity Incident[]

During the summer months of mid 1970's, a rogue great white shark staked a claim near the community of Amity Island, Massachusetts and began to terrorize swimmers, directly affecting the local economy. Local police chief Martin Brody attempted to get permission to destroy this shark, but the town's then-mayor, Lawrence Vaughn. adamantly refused to comply. After another death during the Fourth of July celebrations, Vaughn finally was reluctantly pressured into allowing Brody to follow through with the contract to hire Quint. Brody requested help from the Woods Hole Institute who then sent oceanographer Matt Hooper. With Quint as captain, they set out to capture and kill the killer shark.

Brody first encountered the shark while he's chumming the water for Quint. Witnessing its enormous size, he advises Quint to get a bigger boat. The following day, Brody shot few rounds of bullets to the shark with his revolver, although it failed to minimize the fish's strength. After witnessing the gruesome death of Quint, Brody struggles inside the flooded cabin of the sinking Orca. He later wards off the ambushing shark inside the cabin by throwing Hooper's scuba tank into its mouth. After getting out of the cabin and arming himself with Quint's M1 Garand and a fishing spear, he climbs up the boat's gin pole as a last ditch effort to survive against the shark. When the shark emerges, he stabs it several times with the spear, although the shark eventually drags it underwater. With only Quint's M1 left in his hands, Brody began shooting at the scuba tank inside the shark's mouth as a last resort to kill the shark. After five failed rounds on shooting the tank, he finally kills the shark with his last, sixth shot, laughing with joy and relief as he sees the fountain of the fish's blood and flesh. He's later reunited with Hooper, with the duo paddling to the shore of Amity with two remaining barrels from the Orca.

The Second Amity Incident[]

Three years after the First Amity Incident, Martin has remained active as the Police Chief of Amity, and now a town's hero. Before the arrival of the second shark, Martin arrives at the opening ceremony of Amity's new hotel, presented by Mayor Vaughn. Martin's eldest son, Michael, developed a keen interest in sailing hoping to inspire his father to return to the water. In the summer of 1976, Martin began to feel another shark was responsible for a number of boating "accidents" in Amity, but once again his theory was dismissed by the re-elected mayor, Larry Vaughn and the town council. Brody's refusal to ignore the problem finally lead them to dismiss him from the police force as acting chief.

Brody learned that both his sons had quietly joined another group of teenagers on an unauthorized sailing trip and were trapped out at sea apparently being attacked by the very shark Brody had warned the mayor about once again.

Brody found the marooned group near a power station built on a rocky outcropping in the center of the ocean which locals had nicknamed "Cable Junction". After a short battle with the shark Brody was able to subdue the animal by electrocuting the shark with a loose cable from the nearby station.

Between 1978 through 1987[]

At some point after the Second Amity Incident and before the arrival of Vengeance in Amity, Martin passed away due to a fatal heart attack. His portrait is shown inside Amity Police Department.

Brody's portrait in the Amity Island police station