Carla Brody is the wife of Michael Brody, the daughter-in-law of Ellen Brody and the late Martin Brody, the sister-in-law of Sean Brody and mother of Thea Brody. She only appeared in Jaws: The Revenge. She was played by Karen Young.

She first appears with Micheal and her daughter giving an call to Ellen and Sean Brody as they cook supper, after Sean dies, she's later seen when they visit Ellen and grieves Sean's death as Micheal goes on the beach and runs as she asks where he was going, only to get "Nowhere!" as her answer. Ellen thinks that the shark did it for revenge, but they assure her it was an coincidence and explains that sharks can't have minds of their own, they later goes to Sean's funeral and then go with Micheal, Thea, and Ellen to the Caribbean. They arrive at the house as Thea gets out and heads towards the deck to play on the swinging rope near the ocean, Ellen panics and she goes to get her daughter, who proceeds to have a tantrum in the progress. She lets Thea on an banana boat with her friend Margaret and Her Mother as she speaks about her city commissioned art work to rapt an crowd gathered on the beach, but is interrupted when Ellen screams her daughter's name and runs towards the ocean. Carla looks in the direction of the banana boat and sees the fin of the shark, in an panic, she then runs toward her daughter screaming her name and goes into the ocean as the crowd of people also pay attention towards the events as well. The shark pops out and kills Ferguson, she reacts in horror and screams. She is last seen leaving the Amity Island with her daughter and Micheal and saying goodbye to Ellen as they head off to the Caribbean again.

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