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Carl Gottlieb is a american screenwriter, actor, comedian and executive. He is known for co-writing the screenplay for Jaws and two of it's follow-up sequels [[[Jaws 2]] and Jaws 3].


  • Jaws [screenplay, actor-Ben Meadows]
  • Jaws 2 [screenplay] 
  • Jaws 3 [screenplay]

Early Life

Carl was born on March, 18, 1938 in New York City, New York, USA. His mother's name is Elizabeth and she is a medical administrative assistant while his father's name is Sergius M. Gottlieb and he is a engineer. He also had a older brother named Michael Gottlieb who was a director; he died on may, 24, 2014 in a motorcycle accident on the Angeles Crest Highway in La Cañada Flintridge, California. he was 69 years old. Carl studied drama at syracuse university.

Personal Life

He was previously married to actress Allison Caine. They were married on May, 1, 1970 and got divorced on August, 24, 1984.


  • Has contributed to Jaws related activities such as interviews [including the documentary "The Shark Is Still Working"].
  • Has Attended JawsFest on Martha's Vineyard in June 2005.
  • Also co-wrote and directed the 1981 low-budget cult film "Caveman".
  • Wrote the book "The jaws Log" about the notoriously difficult production of the film.
  • Star sign- Pisces.
  • In the 1960's, he joined the San Francisco Improvisational comedy troupe "The Committee" and they made one feature film together called " A Session with the Committee".
  • Originally, Carl was hired as an actor to appear as Ben Meadows-The Editor of the local Newspaper in Jaws.
  • Steven Spielberg hired Carl to redraft the script for the film, adding more dimensions to the characters; particularly humour. Ironically his redrafts reduced the role of Ben Meadows [who still appears in the town hall corridor and the tiger shark scenes].
  • Ironically Carl would be enlisted again under similar circumstances to work on the screenplay for the first sequel Jaws 2.
  • Carl also wrote for comedy shows such as The Bob Newhart Show, All In The Family and The Odd Couple.
  • Carl also acted in Films such as M*A*S*H and Clueless.
  • Carl also co-wrote David Crosby's two autobiographies, 1989's "Long Time Gone" and 2006's "Since Then".