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Billy Van Zandt as Bob
Bob struggling in the water

Bob is a character featured in Jaws 2. He is one of the teenagers who venture out to sea with Marge, Brooke Peters, Patrick, Lucy, Doug Fetterman, Larry Vaughn, Jr., Polo Loman, Brooke's cousin Jackie Peters, Andy Nicholas, Timmy and brothers Michael Brody and Sean Brody.

Bob is Larry Vaughn, Jr.'s best friend. Riding with Larry Vaughn, Jr. on his catamaran after his boat sank due to the shark attack, Bob watched the ensuing chaos as Marge, along with Sean Brody, fall off their boat and Mike getting knocked unconscious and accidentally thrown off his boat. Patrick and Lucy soon after crash into Timmy and Brooke's boat, and the shark swims away.

After Timmy and Polo offer to take an unconscious Mike to find help, Bob helped Patrick tow the other teens' boats together to create a makeshift raft.

After a helicopter sent out to help them is attacked by the shark, Marge, Sean, and Lucy helped him by removing the damaged sail which had fallen on top of him. He later falls into the water along with Sean, Larry Vaughn, Jr. when the shark knocks the raft around. As Andy Nicholas pulls him out, they helplessly watch as Marge is killed by the shark after saving Sean.

When a traumatized Sean was scared and grieving after Marge's death, Bob, Larry, Jr., and Andy throw a rope to him, and he tied it to the fin of the boat, and Bob pulled it towards them. Sean was still clinging onto Marge's boat, still scared. When it was close enough, Sean walked, and Andy caught him, and they accidentally knocked Junior Vaughn into the water.

Bob was the first one to spot Cable Junction. After Chief Brody arrives to save them, the shark attacks them once again, knocking all the teens except for Jackie and Sean into the water. Bob and the other teens manage to swim to Cable Junction for safety. After Brody finally kills the shark, Bob is seen quietly thanking him on the rocks of Cable Junction.
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Bob's death in a deleted scene


  • Bob is played by Billy Van Zandt.
  • In a deleted scene, Bob was intended to die by Brucette.
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