Bob is a character featured in the sequel Jaws 2. He is one of the teens who ventures out to sea with Marge, Brooke Peters, Patrick, Lucy, Doug Fetterman, Sean Brody, Larry Vaughn, Jr., Polo Loman, Jackie Peters, who is Brooke's cousin, Andy Nicholas, Timmy and Michael Brody.

Appearances in Jaws 2 Edit

  • Riding with Larry Vaughn, Jr. on his catamaran after his boat sank due to a shark attack, Bob watched as Marge fell off her capsizing Lightening, along with Sean Brody, Mike got sent into a state of unconsiousness and was accidentaly thrown off his boat, the Green Machine, Patrick and Lucy crashed into Timmy and Brooke Peters' boat, and the shark escaped.
  • Afterwards, Timmy went onto Polo Loman's boat, the Sea Witch, and they took with Mike them to get help. Bob threw a rope to Patrick, who threw it to Marge, and they were towed to their boat wreckages.
  • After sarcastically saying what's after Cable Junction, an island, "The Atlantic. Then Ireland," help came into view. A helicopter came in and landed.
  • When debris was sent flying after the helicopter sent to help them was attacked by the shark, Marge, Sean, and Lucy helped him by removing the damaged sail which had fallen on top of him.
  • After falling into the water along with Sean, Larry Vaughn, Jr. and Andy Nicholas helped him out, while Sean is saved by Marge, who was then killed by the shark in the process.
  • When Sean was scared and grieving after Marge's death, Bob, Larry, Jr., and Andy threw a rope to him, and he tied it to the fin of the boat, and Bob pulled it towards them. Sean was still clinging onto Marge's boat, still scared. When it was close enough, Sean walked, and Andy caught him, and they accidentaly knocked Junior Vaughn into the water.
  • Bob spotted Cable Junction, and the shark attacked them. Bob swam to Cable Junction to safety.
  • Bob thanks Martin to killing the slaughter.

In real lifeEdit

Bob is played by Billy Van Zandt.