Gary Springer as Andy in Jaws 2

Andy Nicholas was one of Michael Brody's closest friends and one of the main teenage characters featured in Jaws 2.


He was first seen at the beginning of the film attending the grand hotel opening on Amity Island, and was later seen throughout most of the film accompanied by his friends. He was also a member of Tom Andrews' diving class. He is portrayed as a friendly and brave teen who looks out for his friends during the shark attack.

Andy is present during the shark attack with the other teens, where several of their sailboats are flipped. After a number of close encounters with the shark, he comforts Sean Brody, who was in shock after Marge was killed by the shark. Andy survives the ordeal when he swims to Cable Junction and watches as Martin Brody electrocutes the shark.


  • He was portrayed by actor Gary Springer.
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