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Alex Kintner
Background information
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Character information
Full name
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Eaten up by Bruce
Other names
Occupation Islander

Mr. Kintner (father)
Mrs. Kintner (mother)

Appearances Jaws
Portrayed by Jeffrey Voorhees

A possible Image from the alternative Death Scene of Alex Kintner

Alexander "Alex" Maxwell Kintner was an Amity Islander and the son of Mrs. Kintner. In Jaws, Alex Kintner is seen for a brief period enjoying a day at the beach on Amity. While Amity inhabitants were enjoying the beach, a calamity would occur that would result in the reported second shark attack on the island.

This incident would set in motion a search for the shark responsible for the horrendous attacks that would plague Amity that summer. Alex was an avid swimmer, yet his choice to swim further out and separate from the rest of the swimmers would sadly prove catastrophic.


In the film Jaws, which is based on the infamous Amity Incident, Alex is seen speaking with Mrs. Kintner at the beach on Amity Island. Shortly thereafter, Alex enters the water and is seen having fun paddling on a raft. This activity draws the shark into the shallows. The shark shows itself and begins to attack Alex in a bloodied frenzy, and was then seen dragging his corpse into the water before swallowing him whole. Unofficially, Alex is the shark's second victim of the day following the disappearance of a dog named "Pippit".


  • Alex's actor Jeffery Voorhees coincidentally has the same last name as the fictional serial killer character Jason Voorhees as portrayed in the iconic horror film Friday The 13th.
  • Voorhees is now a manager at the seafood restaurant 'The Wharf' on the actual Island of Martha's Vineyard, and the restaurant still serves a sandwich called 'The Alex Kintner Burger'[1]. Lee Fierro, who played Alex's mother, happened to go to his restaurant many years after the film's release and saw the "Alex Kintner Burger" on the menu. When she mentioned who she was, Voorhees ran out to meet her. The two had not seen each other since filming Jaws.
  • His death is the dull machete depicted in the popular online video series: "Dead Meat’s Kill Count". [2]
  • During Production, Alex's death had an alternate version with Bruce rising from the surface and biting down on him. It was unused because of its brutality and Spielberg didn't want the shark to be revealed so early.